Immigration services for individuals 

Adam Nelson  offers a wide range of immigration services to individuals and families wishing to enter the UK. Our extensive experience in UK Immigration Law means that we can tailor our advice to the needs of any client looking to visit and/or settle in the UK. We can also advise on applications for British citizenship, visas for dependants and family members, and immigration appeals and judicial review matters.

Due to the uncertainty with regards to Brexit we would advise all EU citizens, who are eligible, to apply for   a document confirming their status in the UK.

If you have lived in the UK for a continuous period of  five years and can provide evidence that you have been employed, self-employed, a student or have been self sufficient during this period, we strongly recommend that you apply for a document certifying your  permanent residence. Please note that an additional requirement of holding ‘Comprehensive Sickness Insurance’ will apply if you were a student or self-sufficient during the five year period.

If you have lived in the UK for less than five years, it would also be advisable for you to obtain a registration  certificate evidencing that you are a European national exercising your rights  in the UK.

The UK Government has also recently announced that an agreement has been reached for the rights of European nationals and their family members residing in the UK. This is by way of a new ‘Settled Status’ scheme.

The ‘Settled Status’ scheme is set to be rolled out sometime in late 2018 and will allow EU Citizens in the UK to obtain a document confirming their status in the UK. The Home Office have promised a cost effective, efficient and streamlined service but no official release date has been confirmed.

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Immigration services for businesses

Have extensive experience in handling all immigration matters that may affect you as a business, whether you are a multinational company or an SME. We understand that your business needs to be able to employ the best possible candidates in order to excel in the UK’s international economy. We have an excellent track record of successfully assisting businesses in this area of practice, which we attribute to our specialised team of lawyers who are able to offer services varying from strategic immigration planning to implementation, ensuring that you are guided throughout each step of the process.

We can assist your business through each stage of the application process, offering our guidance and extensive expertise to ensure a smooth application process for you and your business.

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